dallas fort worth locksmith handing over keys to customerLet’s face it, you rarely think about having to call a locksmith. But, why or when should you call a locksmith versus trying to do it yourself? We share the most common reasons to call a locksmith below.

  1. Lost Keys – Losing your keys can strip you of your sense of security whether at home or at work. A locksmith can simply re-key the lock without having to replace it entirely.
  2. Lock Malfunctions – Any lock no matter how old or new it is can malfunction, when they do a locksmith can repair or replace the lock. If you are experiencing keys that stick or locks that won’t turn, chat with our locksmiths before calling to see if we can troubleshoot before you schedule service.
  3. Broken Keys – Now, if you have forced that non-turning lock a little too hard, you can break your key off in the lock. This is a common service call and a locksmith will need to come out and remove the broken piece and duplicate a new key for you.
  4. Moving Into a New Home or BusinessRenting or buying a new home is one of the main reasons to call a locksmith. Texas requires homeowners and landlords to re-key a lock each time a tenant moves out. On the other hand, realtors are not required to do this, so it is important for you to have a locksmith come out and re-key your locks before you move in.
  5. Old Locks – Vintage locks can give your home a nice look and character, however most times they are impractical for security. We recommend having a locksmith come out and assess the locks and make sure they are performing their duties to secure your home.
  6. Locked Yourself Out of Car, Home or Office – Anytime you are locked out of your car, call a locksmith, trying to unlock your car yourself can cause hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damage. Likewise, with a home or office, tricks seen on TV or YouTube to open locks don’t always guarantee success.
  7. Lost Safe Combination or Malfunctioning Dial or Keypad – Very few locksmiths can open any safe, Texas Master Locksmiths and Security Solutions, Inc. has one of the few locksmiths in Dallas that can open just about any safe. Whether you have a jewelry safe, gun safe, floor safe, vault door even a GSA container. We can open them all, be cautious before you let any locksmith try to open an expensive safe.

These are just a few of the more common reasons to call a locksmith (972-510-3554) out to your home or business. With locks being more complicated and security being even more important, it is recommended to hire a trained professional. Remember, ALL locksmiths in Texas are required to be licensed and they must carry their pocket card. Don’t be afraid to ask to see the card BEFORE they perform any work. See our article on how to avoid locksmiths scams.

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