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Our licensed master locksmiths are certified and registered with the state of Texas. We look to provide our clients with peace of mind and confidence that a skilled locksmith will be taking care of your client’s security needs. We offer your business a dedicated account manager and net 30 billing.

Services Offered:


Access Control

If your home or business owner is looking for a computer, network, or electronic-based authorization, electronic access control equipment is your best professional choice. Just like many industries, technology for commercial and residential security has advanced beyond mechanical locks and keys. Today’s electronic locks meet your clients need for monitoring time schedules, audit trails, and knowledge of who has entered or exited their property.


Master Key Systems

If your client is interested in a master key system, this is a great option for those who have a large number of keys and are looking for a quick, cost effective option of rekeying. Our locksmiths are experienced in working with a wide variety of rekeying needs, we are here to help you provide the best option to your clients.



Rekeying can be an ideal option for commercial businesses instead of changing all the locks in a new office or commercial building. We can work with buildings/offices of any size.


Electric Strikes

As you know electric strike locks are used for access control, replacing fixed strike plates. Electric strike installation is one of many methods of allowing for remote locking and unlocking. Electric strikes are essential to maintaining the functionality of card access systems, intercoms, and various other door systems.

Services Offered:


Mag Locks

Magnetic door locks are an excellent solution for companies that are concerned about break-ins or other problems. A magnetic door lock is a locking device that contains an armature plate and an electromagnet



Is your client looking to have a safe installed, opened or repaired? We will help you evaluate your client’s safe needs so whether they need a combination or digital keypad safe to protect valuables or a fireproof safe in case of disaster.  Safes can provide burglary protection or fire protection or a combination of both.


New Lock Installs

Finding a commercial locksmith in Dallas/Ft. Worth shouldn’t be a hassle for your clients, and the safety of their business and holdings can’t be overstated. It’s important to hire a quality professional. We have highly skilled locksmiths who are trained to provide the best locksmith services.


Exit Devices

There is a wide range of panic bars and exit devices to suit the specific needs and requirements of your clients. Whether they need an exit bar for the front door, back door, an emergency exit door or any other door there is one to suit their needs. There are also customized panic bars to fit your needs.

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