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What does single cylinder lock mean?
A single-cylinder lock means there is a thumb turn option for the inside of your door and a keyhole on the outside.
What does a double cylinder lock mean?
A double cylinder lock means there is a keyhole on the inside as well as the outside. How does a double cylinder lock work? So, to lock the deadbolt from the inside requires you to use a key. Only recommended if you have a door with a glass pane within 40 inches of the lock.
What does the fire rating mean on safes?
Any fireproof safe should have a fire rating. this means that the safe can withstand fire up to a certain degree (stated in the specs) for a specified length of time.
What is a smart lock?
The term smart lock has been intermingled with a wide range of locks. Some refer to keypads as a smart lock, Bluetooth locks have been referred to as smart locks and the smart key locks have also been called smart locks. The truest explanation of a smart lock is one that can be opened wirelessly via key fob or smartphone. The top three versions of the smart lock are the Nest X Yale Lock, Kwikset Kevo Touch-to-open, and the Schlage Century Touchscreen Deadbolt.
For gun safe, which is more secure a digital keypad or combination dial lock?
They both provide the same level of security. Having said that, a digital keypad lock requires no yearly maintenance, the combination can be changed at will without the need of a locksmith and they do not lose their memory if the battery dies. Whereas, a dial lock requires a locksmith to change the combination which can run anywhere from $95-150 per visit. A dial lock also requires at least bi-yearly preventative maintenance.
Can someone break into a deadbolt lock?
Schlage and Kwikset deadbolts are designed to be pick proof, however, a skilled locksmith can usually gain entry. Having said that, I have been a locksmith for over 30 years and have yet to see a burglar pick a lock. They typically gain entry is to go to the back of the house with poor lighting and kick the door in.
Can Bluetooth locks be hacked?

Yes, there are some Bluetooth locks that can be hacked. In 2016 tomsguide.com attempted to hack common Bluetooth locks. They were able to hack several models except for Kwikset and August brand locks.

Can I install a keypad on my commercial building?

Yes, absolutely. From standalone keypad to full-blown software and cloud-based access control systems, depending on your specific needs.

What is door access system?
This term is most commonly used when discussing a computer-based card access system. This type of system uses key cards or fobs to gain entry instead of brass keys.
What are the three types of access control?
  1. Discretionary Access Control – holds the business owner responsible for deciding which people are allowed access to a specific location.
  2. Mandatory Access Control – this pertains more to the confidentiality of data and not building/facility access.
  3. Role-Based Access Control – this version of access control is the most in-demand option for both households and businesses. Consider these factors when trying to choose the best solution for your needs:
    1. Nature of your business
    2. Security procedures
    3. Number of users on the system
What does CCTV stand for?
CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. This includes standalone cameras as well as complete camera systems with DVR recordings.
Is there any key that can open any lock?
You may have read online that a “bump key” can open any lock. While they can open most locks (they cannot open Medeco and Multi-Lock) they are not a tradition cut key. So, in the literal sense of the question….no, there is not one standard cut key that can open any lock.

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