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What is Master Keying

What is a Change Key: A Change Key is one that works a specific lock or group of locks within a master-key system. It is typically a key used by someone who only needs to access certain doors and does not need to carry a master key.

What is a Master Key: The master key opens all doors and those doors usually have their own change key.

What is a Grand Master Key: The grand master key is typically created when you need three or more levels of keys to control access.

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What is master keying?
Are you tired of needing a different key for every door in your office building? A master key system combines all of your keys into one affordable form of access control.

Our experienced technicians will create a customized master key program specific to your existing locks and needs.

What are the benefits of master keying?
  • Reduces the number of keys needed
  • Custom Master key system
  • Convenient for property owners or building administrators
  • Limit access to users
  • Multiple levels
How is master keying used?
Master keying gives you the ability to use one key to open one or more locks that are not keyed the same.

Master keying is commonly used for commercial buildings, where a user may have a key to an office that can also open the bathroom or closet. A simple use is a janitor may have a single key that opens every door in the building.

It can also be used for apartment complexes so that each renter has a key to their apartment, which can also be used to open the main door into their building or other common areas.

How does master keying work?
Without getting too technical, locks that are master keyed are “pinned” in a way that allows one key to unlock multiple locks while allowing a different key to operate the same door. When your facility is master keyed you will have a master key that unlocks everything and then you would have user/employee keys. The user key will only open a specific door, this is the beauty of master keying.

It can also be used for apartment complexes so that each renter has a key to their apartment, which can also be used to open the main door into their building or other common areas.

How much does master keying cost?
Call around to any locksmith company in Dallas/Ft. Worth and you will find a wide range of prices. Texas Master Locksmiths doesn’t add in extra fees or labor charges to create a master key chart.
When should you consider master keying?
Whether you have a single floor office building or a multi-floor building, master keying can help you grant access selectively to one or more locks and to certain key-holders. Master keying offers the convenience of a single key for yourself or other (hopefully trustworthy) persons.
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