A Key System to Unite Your Locks

by Nov 8, 2020Commercial Locks, Commercial Security

By: Arron Ewen

Have you called a locksmith to rekey your building to put everything on one key?Schlage Primus Locks

It is disheartening when the locksmith informs you that you will have to replace some of your locks because you have different formats. You may have a conventional lock on some doors that use a standard key, but an interchangeable core (check out our article on interchangeable cores for more info!) on others. When you are having to replace the entire lever to accept the new cylinder, replacing the locks can become expensive fast. Texas Master Locksmiths has a solution to this common problem!

Maybe you wanted to master key your office with a master key for the big boss?

Texas Master Locksmiths is the first-ever locksmith company to be able to offer a new key system designed by Schlage®, ‘Everest 29 Primus XP SL’ This new key system allows you to have one key for every door regardless of the format. Whether it is Small Format Interchangeable Core, Full Size Interchangeable Core, or a conventional cylinder, we can key all your doors to a single key or master key system without replacing expensive hardware. The most that will need to be replaced is the cylinders themselves. This is exceptionally common in master key systems or when a building needs to be on a single key, even when all the locks are the same format. This leads to great cost savings, especially on larger facilities.

With ‘Everest 29 Primus XP SL’, which we will refer to as ‘29SL’ for short, you gain an exceptionally high form of key control. The keys used in a 29SL system are restricted to the company you purchased them from. If an employee attempts to go to a locksmith company to have them copied, they will not be able to even acquire the blanks.

Furthermore, in order to have keys duplicated or the system modified in any way, we require a ‘Signature Card’ which limits the number of people within your company that have the ability to order keys or make changes to the system.

You can have the peace of mind knowing your employees can not get their keys copied without permission from your listed administrator.
For more information on how restricted key systems work, please read our article “Can a key that says, “Duplication Prohibited” be copied?”
Texas Master Locksmiths and Security Solutions is currently the only company to have this innovative and revolutionary key system in the world. Whether you are looking for key control for your small business, or a complex master key system in a high rise, 29SL can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in hardware replacement costs.

Call us at (972) 914-9446 and ask for Arron to gain back control of your keys!


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