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What is Access Control?

What is Access Control?

Why Access Control is Important  “I terminated an employee and he left with our master key!” Disgruntled employees with access to your building can be a major liability; unfortunately, this is a situation in which many businesses find themselves. The first solution...

What Are Access Control Cards?

What Are Access Control Cards?

Whether you know it as an access card or proximity card these cards or fobs work with an access control system to unlock your office/building door, replacing a traditional key and lock. Proximity Card Types PVC Cards – these are simply made of white pvc and are about...

How Can I Unlock My Car if My Keys are Inside?

How Can I Unlock My Car if My Keys are Inside?

Keys locked in your car? Have you ever tried or thought about trying to unlock your car using a tennis ball? Seems absurd and impossible right? Believe it or not there is a video floating around the internet demonstrating this method. Let me start by saying that...

How to Open a Safe with a Dial Lock

You just bought a safe and had it installed in your home or business. The locksmith or sales rep went through opening the safe with the combination a couple times. But, now you have this beautiful safe and you have tried to dial it open a couple times but just aren’t...

Thank You Carrollton – Best in Business Award 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Texas Master Locksmiths and Security Solutions Receives 2016 Best Businesses of Carrollton Award Carrollton, July 05, 2016 — Texas Master Locksmiths and Security Solutions has been selected for the 2016 Best Businesses of Carrollton Award in the...

5 Tips on How To Avoid Locksmith Scams

From the revolutionary dawn of the internet to the waning use of the YellowPages, locksmith scams have been around since the Gordian Knot. Thriving off the ill informed, many of these companies have pierced the industry with misleading advertisement campaigns (paid...

7 Tips on How To Secure Your Home

What is the security of your family worth? Is it priceless? I am a third generation master locksmith and have been working in this industry for over 25 years. That being said, I would like to provide you with a professional insight into the proper locking systems and...

Bump Proof Locks – Fact or Fiction?

We will be providing in depth security information for your home or business in our upcoming articles. we came across this article which included an interview with a former police office from Houston about bump keys and burglaries.   For more information, Click...

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