If you are shopping around for a safe or considering swapping your dial combination lock out for a S & G digital safe lockdigital keypad lock, below are the benefits of having a digital safe lock.

  1. Time Delay – While this may seem like a nuisance it is actually a theft deterrent. It is used to limit the frequency of opening. You can set the delay to be between 1 and 99 minutes.
  2. Time Delay Override/Armored Car Override – However, even with a time delay you can have a specific code to force the safe open during a time delay. This is typically set during the lock initialization.
  3. Opening Windows – This is very similar to a time delay but instead of delaying your ability to enter in your combination to get the safe open, you set timeframes to have the safe opened. Any attempted opening outside of the pre-set time frames are blocked and ignored by the lock. These time frames are customizable and can include minutes or seconds following a time delay, or a specific time of day.
  4. Wrong Try Penalty – This too is a nice theft deterrent because it prevents an individual from running through various combinations quickly. You have the ability to customize the number of incorrect tries before this feature is activated. Following the entry of a number of incorrect codes, the lock enters “penalty” or “lock out” mode. Depending on user settings and model, the lock may reset after a set time and allow the correct code to be entered or may require the correct code be entered the first try to prevent re-entry of lockout mode.
  5. Dual Custody – this feature prevents the ability of a single user and typically requires two entry codes for successful opening. This can also include the use of an electronic lock and a key lock.
  6. Audits – this functionality provides data reports including the number of times the safe was opened, the time of these openings, and the code used for entry. Loss Prevention departments often use these audit trails for internal theft investigations.
  7. Duress Mode – this requires integration with the location’s security system or burglar alarm as it will alert law enforcement of a robbery in progress. Upon entry of the duress code, the lock is released and the container opened.
  8. Ability to Integrate with a Facility’s Access Control System – this feature allows the lock to interface with your existing access control and alarm system. You can also connect this Many times this with the camera in the same room or office as the safe, giving you more data for internal audit trails on who and when the safe is accessed.

Most safes have the ability to be retro fitted with a digital keypad from a combination lock. Call our safe experts at 972-914-9446 to see if your safe can be updated.

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