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Why Access Control is Important pdk keypad on business

“I terminated an employee and he left with our master key!” Disgruntled employees with access to your building can be a major liability; unfortunately, this is a situation in which many businesses find themselves. The first solution you might think of is to have your office re-keyed. While an effective solution to your problem, it can carry a significant monetary value that you might not be prepared to handle, especially if you have a large office or building. It is not fair to you, the owner or office manager, to have to risk the security and sanctity of your work place due to the high cost of rekeying your door locks. This is where Texas Master Locksmiths and Security Solutions Inc.™ has a cost effective and timely resolution. An ‘Access Control’ system allows you to easily and efficiently secure your building after terminating an employee or manager.

What is Access Control? It is controlled access of your doors through a digital locking system. These systems allow you to easily reprogram a keypad or remove an access card/fob when an employee is let go with a code or card. Removing a code or card is simple and can be done in minutes with no cost to you. It does not require a locksmith, saving you a service charge.

“I’ve run out of replacement fobs; do we have to replace all of our cards with new cards?” Absolutely not! Replacement cards or fobs can be easily shipped to you or delivered by our Master Locksmiths. Upon installation of your system or delivery of new cards/fobs, our technicians will train your designated personnel on how to operate your locking devices and how to program your system.

Texas Master Locksmiths and Security Solutions Inc.™ offers 24-hour support for every system we install. We provide you with a personal contact in our office to provide technical support for any issue(s) you might encounter. From simple programming questions to system malfunctions, our Master Locksmiths can get your system back online.

Whether you need a software-based system or standalone keypads and card readers, Texas Master Locksmiths can offer a system tailored to your office and specific needs.

Could your business benefit from access control? Let us know in the comments and our Master Locksmiths can provide advice or recommendations on how to improve personnel flow and access in your office!

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