We are using Prodatakey Inc. as the example in this article!

Have you ever wanted to know who enters your building? Perhaps you’ve noticed suspicious behavior in your building and you

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want to know who enters and at what time without filtering through hours of CCTV footage. That is where software-based Access Control can help. This type of system, through the use of digital locking systems, allows you see when a code or card/fob is used to access a door. We will be taking a look into our Number One seller for software/cloud-based Access Control, Prodatakey Inc.

Prodatakey utilizes a wireless mesh network to connect all of your digital locks to a central hub. From this hub, you can use the phone app or the website to allow or deny access to employees, set automatic un/locking schedules, and run reports to see which doors your employees are using with information such as the date and time down to the second the door was accessed.

prodatakey reports screenshotThe Audit trail function in Prodatakey is a very powerful tool with a plethora of features that you may not know exist in terms of monitoring your buildings access. I often receive questions asking if there is a way to monitor who enters a building; while that question is simple to answer, the number of possible methods is often too much to explain in the course of an estimate or even while training managers on how the system operates. In the next Article, I will go into detail of these features. For more questions Call us at 972-914-9446.

As technology advances and we delve deeper into the world of wireless communication, your Access Control system can upgrade with you beyond what many might expect. Older systems required a dedicated computer to host the system where that was your only access point to manage your system. Remote connect meant you could manage it from other computers given they were on the same network. Prodatakey has revolutionized the Access Control industry with its cloud based, user-friendly software. Software that you can access from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

This raises some concern about the security of a cloud-based system. Can somebody hack into it? How reliable is the connection? What happens if the internet goes down in our building? These are all fantastic questions to ask and Prodatakey has the answer! The connection from your door hardware to the hub utilizes a frequency that is unique to this system. WiFi devices and cell phones do not communicate at all on this frequency so you will never have to worry about interference. The connection is 256bit AES encrypted. If you are like me, this probably makes no sense at first. The bottom line is that Prodatakey uses government level encryption to keep your building secure. Due to cell phones and WiFi devices using a different frequency, you do not have to worry about the possibility of a hacker attacking your system.

Internet outages can happen and often at the most inconvenient time. Prodatakey develops their own controllers and monitors the performance of their systems so you can be rest assured they have thought of this scenario and planned for it. If your Cloud Node (the central hub that controls your digital locks) loses connection to the internet, your system will operate in its last configured state. In other words, your designated access and locking schedules will function as normal. Loss of internet connection to your hub simply means you cannot make changes until the connection is restored. In the event this occurs but your internet is still up, contact us at 972-914-9446 and ask for Arron. If we need to send out a technician, having our Master Locksmith meet an IT specialist from your company will speed up the troubleshooting and restoration process.

Software-based Access Control comes in many different flavors. In our experience, Prodatakey Inc. provides the best technical support in the industry! They are quick to resolves issues that come up and are always improving their security and software to make it more dependable and user-friendly. If you would like to know more about Prodatakey, you can visit their website at www.prodatakey.com or call us at 972-914-9446! Would you like to have this revolutionary system installed on your building?


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