By: Kristiana Ewen

Myth #1 – Lock picking on TV is accurate myths and facts image

Movies have made the most time consuming and difficult things look like a cake walk, all for the sake of time crunching and to make the protagonist look like a bad ass. But that leaves people with much higher expectations for themselves, and for those who provide similar services to those seen on the big screen. A prime example of such could be the James Bond movies, Dexter or Sherlock Holmes. These movies may not purposefully give people the impression that picking a lock should only take 30 seconds in an intense situation. But, with each lock comes a different set of challenges, some locks could take 15 – 20 minutes, some locks could be grimy, sometimes the door frame is in the way, and sometimes there is no saving the lock and it will need to be replaced. So, when calling on a locksmith for aid, don’t expect the lock to be picked in an instant. 

Myth #2 – Locksmiths keep a copy of the keys 

Now when a locksmith is called to make a copy of the client’s keys to his or her door or car, people believe that after the key is copied the locksmith makes another copy and keeps it for future reference in case that person requires another made. However, that is false, as there would be no need for a locksmith to keep said copy on hand as their job is provide the service as requested. What they do is trace the key pattern onto a blank key and cut it to match! After the process is done, they give both keys back to you when they are done. As reassurance the locksmith will allow you to observe the process to show they are not making more copies than requested. 

Myth #3 – I’ll only need a locksmith when I am locked out of my house 

Some people may believe that a locksmith is only useful for getting you back into your house when you have locked your self out. However, a locksmith is well versed in multiple trades of expertise such as opening safe locks, replacing locks on doors, installing smoke detectors, installing panic bars and door closers etc. So, while a locksmith can help customers get into their homes or cars, they can do many other things both residential and commercial. 

Myth #4 – The locksmith can do the job quickly 

A common misconception of a locksmith is that they can get into a house or safe quick and easy. However, this is not true as the locks and safes made were not meant for just anyone to get into so easily. If the safe, car or door is locked, it will take time to get it open as the lock performs its sole purpose; to keep people out. A door lock may take more time due to the circumstances of the lock, if it were to be old or grimy, or a plethora of other factors affecting the time it takes for a locksmith to unlock the deadbolt or knob. Safes also require a bit of time to open as well, the higher the grade of the safe the longer it will take to crack open. The best thing to do when a locksmith is working is to allow them to take the time they need and give them the space to get the job done as fast as they can while also allowing it to be done properly.  

Myth #5 – I can just do it myself 

People look at an activity and proclaim how easy it looks daily, but never once thinking of the extensive practice and long hours put into that activity and locksmithing is no different. Countless classes on how to do each individual type of job, practice outside of classes, on site teaching and learning and a lot of driving between jobs, is no easy feat. Not to mention the level headedness required each and everyday to make sure the customer is serviced quickly, easily and with a good attitude. To do these things all day everyday with a smile on their face and a respectful attitude takes a passionate and dedicated locksmith. 

Myth #6 – All locksmiths are trustworthy 

Now when choosing a locksmith, it is best to do a detailed background check of that company. Because, contrary to what people may think, not every company is trustworthy. There are plenty of scam companies that will give you a small price and good time window over the phone then turn around and take hours to get on site, and once there they will feed lies to the customer and charge them hundreds if not thousands of dollars! 

Myth #7 – My keys have the stamp “Do Not Copy” so it hasn’t been copied 

If you have a set of keys that have the stamp “do not copy”, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot have a locksmith copy them. Just be sure to check with your landlord, and that copying the key is alright in your lease. 

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